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Photos by Terry Johnston Photography and Ian Anderson, courtesy of the Downtown Alliance.

DATE: Unknown; post-apocalypse

SITUATION: Dire. Recon footage shows rural fortifications are on the brink of collapse. The viral outbreak is projected to go full-scale, spreading like wildfire among the dense populations of the city

MISSION: You are part of a small band of survivors on a scouting mission. Your team’s mission is to scout the urban quarantine area under the cover of darkness. Avoid the ravenous zombie hordes roaming the night and make it back to safety.

Can you survive The Zombie Dash?

Oct. 25, 2014, Grand Rapids, MI

Time: Sunset to darkness 

Option 1: Survivor/Runner

  • Run five kilometers on post-apocalyptic streets and paths
  • Race against darkness
  • Dodge the zombies and keep your “flag football” life strips to avoid infection and stay alive (time bonus)

Option 2: Zombie (FREE but you must register)

  • Dress and act like the undead, freak out the survivors
  • Infect the survivors by grabbing their flags

Unfortunately we are not able to hold a Kalamazoo Zombie Dash this year due to family commitments.

  • The most terrifyingly fun night race in the world.

    Run five kilometers.
    Race against darkness.
    Try not to get eaten.

    The ultimate adrenaline rush.

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