The Zombie Dash 5K   |   Saturday, October 22, 2022, 6:45 PM

Course Map and Zombie Zones

We are able to use a portion of the Riverwalk on race day.  However, as a portion of the Riverwalk is closed, there is a slight detour we have to take by the JW Mariot.  The 2022 course is restricted to sidewalks and open parks.  We are not closing any roads this year.  Please review the below map and this Strava link.  

Zombies: Note on the map where you can grab life strips, just in Feed Zones. Look for signage on the course as well.

Your mission involves entering the quarantine zone in the heart of the infection area: downtown Grand Rapids.  Don’t get too cozy looking at the beautiful lights and river because you never know where a zombie may be to keep you on your toes.  Feeding zones this year are in two areas of  Ah Nab Awen Park.  Runners will be running south on the west side of the park and again on the way back to the finish survivors will be running north on the east side of the park, closest to the Grand River.  Zombies will probably be worn out at this point, but stay alert.  The Riverwalk is a No Scare Zone.  Gillett Bridge is a Scare Zone Only

Although the course will be well marked by the advance scouting team, we recommend that you become very familiar with the route. If you become separated from your team and are unfamiliar with the escape route out of the quarantine area, you will never make it. Best of luck to you.

larger map screen shot