The Zombie Dash 5K   |   Saturday, October 22, 2022, 6:45 PM


The Zombie Dash is a 5K with a twist.  Runners will start the 5K in small groups of 10-15 individuals.  Your time starts whe you cross the timing mats at the start line.  Your time stops when you cross the timing mast at the finish line.  Time bonuses will be awarded if you finish the 5K with any life strips.  More on life strips below.

Rules Galore!

This is a unique, fun race, so we have established rules to try to keep everyone safe and happy.  If you see runner or zombie unknowingly (or on purpose) break a rule, let race staff, volunteers or security know so the issue can be addressed promptly.

Life strips

You will receive three strips of cloth (like in flag football) representing your level of health at packet pickup.  You must tuck the life strips in at your waist, at or BEHIND the hip and have one foot of cloth showing.  For every life strip you keep by the end of the race, you will have one minute subtracted off your time. If you wear a jacket or untucked shirt that does not allow for a foot of cloth to show, you can run but you won’t be allowed to have strips.  We will check on proper tucking at the start.

Life strip no no's

Runners, please don't display less than one foot of life strip cloth during the race and make sure the strips can easity be pulled out (no tying).  Please don't place the strips on the front portion of your body (we hope this is self-explanatory).  Also, please no 'dummy' strips, use only the 3 life strips distributed at packet pickup.    

To move or not to move

Intentional physical contact beyond the action of evading and grabbing for strips of cloth is strictly prohibited. Zombies or runners may not stiff-arm, tackle, run over, trip or blind with flashlights.  Zombies should act like “realistic” zombies – slow, dim-witted, stumbling along. They can lunge after runners’ life strips but should not be sprinting after runners, blocking their paths, etc.  We cannot police every instance so please speak up to rule-breakers, security and volunteers.  Any runners or zombies not following the rules will be asked by our security team to tone it down or be removed from the event.  We require zombies to wear a race number on your back so any rule breaking zombies can be identified.

Chip timing

Your running bib number contains a disposable chip, which will record your start and finish times.  Attach your number to the FRONT of your shirt/jacket, NOT on your back.  Your bib must be visible at the start and finish.  If your bib is covered with clothing, you may not receive a chip time.  Do NOT fold your bib or tuck it away.  Your time starts when you cross the start mat and finishes when you cross the finish line mats.  Please avoid the mats before the race.

What to wear

A headlamp or flashlight with fresh batteries is required for all runners.  Sunset is at 6:48 PM in 2022.  Darkness arrives shortly after 7:00 PM.  Strobe lights and using any light to shine into zombies’ eyes IS PROHIBITED. You may be banned from future races if you are caught doing this.

Survivors should plan to race in running attire, or, if you want to get in on the costume thing, an outfit reflecting your role as survivor (e.g., the tattered look, more military scout look, Shaun of the Dead outfit, etc.). You must have shorts, pants or a belt to allow you to tuck in the three life strips of cloth you receive at packet pickup.  You are not allowed to run with hard equipment or sharp object that complement your costume.

Zombies should, well, look like zombies. Please come to the race all zombie-fied. We do not provide make-up artists for zombies.  Again, for safety you may not take any hard or sharp props into the feeding zones. You may take a headlamp/flashlight to help you get into position, and something to drink or eat.

Age Limits/Safety

We will leave it up to the parent(s)’ discretion whether to have their kids run with life strips; just be aware that the chance of a collision with life strips. All runners 13 years and younger must run with a parent or guardian. We recommend that runners 14-17 be in a group.  We will have volunteers and police on the course but we cannot cover the entire 5K route.

Zombies should be at least 14 years old to grab life strips from runners or of a stature that would handle a collision with a runner coming by at full speed. Zombies younger than 14 must be with their parents in the “no feed” zones.  Contact us for an exception.  Zombies 14-17 should be with a parent or guardian or in a group per parent approval.

A parent or guardian must sign the waiver for anyone under 18, runner or zombie.  Your children may NOT be left unattended at the start/finish or anywhere on the course while you run.