The Zombie Dash 5K   |   Saturday, October 22, 2022, 6:45 PM

2022 Event

5K, Saturday evening, October 22, from sunset to darkness, in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Dire. Recon footage shows rural fortifications are on the brink of collapse. The viral outbreak is projected to go full-scale, spreading like wildfire among the dense populations of the city.

The Mission

You are part of a small band of survivors on a scouting mission. Your team’s mission is to scout the urban quarantine area under the cover of darkness. Avoid the ravenous zombie hordes roaming the night and make it back to safety.

Can You Survive?

3.1 miles (5K). 3 life strips. 3 hundred zombies.


Charity Sponsor


Hunt 2 Heal is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide accessible, safe and comfortable outdoor experiences to people with physical disabilities to improve mental health.

A barrier free lodge and 640 acres of accessible land provide an outdoor haven for hunting and other outdoor activities that removes many of the barriers to reconnect with nature.

Our Program

Hunt 2 Heal is unique in that we have created an outdoor haven with a dedicated barrier free lodge and square mile property designed for people with physical disabilities.

Our program consists of a full weekend (Friday - Sunday) of hunting, meals, bonfires and other fun activities in the great outdoors. There is an application and selection process we have implemented since our hunting weekends are limited. The opportunity is available to all, with no cost. Apply here for a Fall 2022 Deer Hunting Weekend Get Away.

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